Senior LifeStyle Consulting

Senior Lifestyle Consulting

and Care Coordination

Reaching your golden years should be cause for celebration. You have overcome the big challenges. You have done your best with work and family. This should be your time to relax and enjoy.

But many seniors nowadays find themselves bogged down in bureaucracy and uncertainty. When it comes to health care, housing and other important lifestyle choices, it is easy to feel overwhelmed. Seniors who should be enjoying life's simple pleasures too often are troubled by anxiety or indecision.

That is why A to SZE LLC offers seniors and their families personal, one-on-one assistance and guidance. Using years of expert training, we will be your advocate and help you make the right choices to achieve the quality of life you deserve. Whether that means finding the resources you need to remain at home, or exploring new options, we can help you feel secure in what the future holds for you.

A to SZE also has the expertise to assist with issues such as health care choices, long-term care insurance, coordination of services and emotional support for seniors and their families.

You did not get this far in life by yourself. There is no reason to feel alone now. We have got you covered - from A to Z.

Mission Statement

Alleviate the stress and anxiety of clients and their families during the aging process, and provide the power of objective evaluation and recommendation in a supportive, caring and professional manner.

Services Offered

  • Guide you through the process of selecting alternate living choices, including touring sites under consideration.
  • Examine stay-at-home options such as meal delivery, housekeeping and home healthcare providers.
  • Make friendly well-being visits as needed, especially when family is out of town or unavailable.
  • Educate and advocate for those facing Alzheimer's or other healthcare issues.
  • Review legal issues such as power-of-attorney for healthcare and finances.
  • Assist in activating and managing private long-term care insurance.
  • Plan for your future needs in advance to alleviate stress and avoid 'crisis' atmosphere for family later.
  • Attend care management meetings with you if needed, to assist family and be your advocate.
  • Ease the stress of the 'sandwich generation' by working with you and loved ones to anticipate future needs.
  • Identify other community resources and make referrals as appropriate.
Services Offered

About Our Founder

Tammy Sze

Tammy Sze, founder of A to Sze LLC, is a resident of the Green Bay area who has more than 15 years of experience in healthcare case management. With a master's degree in social work from Loyola University in Chicago, she is also trained in gerontology. She worked previously as director of social services at the Abington of Glenview, a skilled nursing and rehabilitation center near Chicago.

After moving to Green Bay, she spent 10 years at Green Bay's St. Vincent Hospital, where she worked as a case manager who helped patients plan their recovery, understand their options and arrange needed services. As her own father, John, battled Alzheimer's disease, Tammy assumed management of his care for many years. She saw the toll that Alzheimer's took on him - and how important it was for him to have someone he could trust to maintain his quality of life. It was this experience that inspired Tammy to create A to SZE, so that other seniors never have to face tough times without an advocate.

"Being with my father during his journey with Alzheimer's was one of the greatest privileges of my life. What I learned from that experience will help others facing challenges during their later years in life."

- Tammy Sze, founder of A to Sze

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